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Floor Marking Service

Warehouse painting

Floor marking is basically used in industrial workplaces and warehouses and marking in a warehouse isn’t so easy thing to get done. For this you need experienced team who can get done floor marking properly. Kala Kutir has a proven track record of doing quality layouts and installation of godown & hub lines. We use Epoxy paints to provide a high performance, smooth and more durable surface that can with stand heavy loads.

We provide excellent floor marking services all over India for factories, schools, hospitals, service centers, godowns, car parkings, safety zones, tennis courts, and much more. We use fade resistant paints while marking industrial floors. Our dedicated team meet all floor designs and durability requirements.

Industrial locations are often marked with concrete floor paint to indicate things such as hazards or traffic patterns. We offer floor marking services in various colors and patterns to signify different things. Our well-trained team use supreme grade road marking paint for industrial floor marking service. Our services makes the workplace safer and easier to move through. Our work is reliable and is of highest professional standard. We understand of busy delivery areas, that’s why use products that dry quickly while working for your busy hospitals, factories, godowns or warehouses.